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最近一直在脑子里回响的一段Drarry,是Frayach《A Flame Undamped》中的一段,没忍住于是翻译出来。失去儿子、孤身一人的Draco和失去妻子、不知如何与自己的孩子相处的Harry,两个人从少年起就一直压抑的情感在多年之后终于得以抒发和抚慰。是之前《The Price We Pay For Wings》的续篇,Frayach太太的文笔真是好啊。


“Oh,” Harry gasps as he comes, just as he always did and still does, as though Draco is an epiphany he keeps discovering over and over again. Draco’s own climax is silent, as it always is and always was. Words, his father had once told him when he was very young, are tiny fragments of the soul. Use them wisely, Draco. Use them wisely and know when to shut up. Over the whole course of your life, they should never comprise more than a fistful. At the moment when, legs spread and Harry between them, Draco reaches orgasm, his soul, he knows, is too close to the surface. Too subject to exhalation. He dare not take the chance.


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